Milton Keynes Twelve Step Group
Sex Addicts Anonymous ®
We are an SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous ®) group of men and women whose primary purpose is to recover from sex addiction and carry the message of a spiritual awakening as a result of working the twelve steps, following the instructions in the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) "Big Book" (Not SAA literature), although we are not affiliated with AA in any way.

In the meeting, we avoid group therapy and instead focus on applying the Twelve Steps in our lives

Many of us arrive around 7.45pm to set-up the room and for fellowship prior to the meeting.

We are fully self-supporting and there are no fees to pay. Members can make a donation at the meeting to pay for rental space, tea and coffee, if they wish.

We meet on Mondays between 8pm and 9pm 

   Great Holm Community Centre, Kensington Drive, Great Holm, Milton Keynes MK8 9AY (*)

For further information
24 hour answerphone: 07519 553928

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Anonymity is our spiritual foundation

(*) We are not affiliated with the rentor of this meeting space

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